We Filled Our First Dumpster

After a few weeks of being tied up by mortgage complications and the contractor bidding process, we finally have an update!

We decided to break the work into a few phases instead of tackling it all at once.  We think this will make the design process more fluid and allow us to better react to discoveries along the way. Speaking of which, the first full day of demolition revealed a very pleasant surprise…

Underneath the crumbling dry wall in the downstairs garage area is more of the same beautiful dark wood that lines the upstairs walls and ceilings, and it’s all in really good shape!  We were thinking we would have to re-drywall but, now we just have to decide how to treat the existing wood and blow in insulation from the outside.


a beautiful surprise

We also tore down most of the existing wall separating the garage area from the horse stalls. It gives you a sense of just how big the open downstairs kitchen/living room area will be.



Upstairs, we took down the rest of the ugly 70s paneling



We filled our first dumpster!



More soon!

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